2020 Scavenger Hunt

The 2020 Scavenger Hunt is HERE!!!!

13th Annual Des Moines HOG Scavenger Hunt All Des Moines HOG Chapter members are eligible to participate regardless if you drive or passenger. Each person must submit a separate entry form and photos.

Step 1 – Answer the Trivia Questions  Each trivia question includes a destination town connected with a park.

     NEATLY write your answer in that column, one letter per space.

Step 2 - Take Photos of the Specified Destinations  Drive or ride to the destination by the route of your choice.

     Take a photo at each specified destination as indicated in the PHOTO column.

     Each photo must include you and/or your bike, this side of the 2020 entry form with the Park & Ride sign and the specific destination in the background.

     Three of the 18 clues will be revealed in the June, July and August HOG meetings. You can find these in the newsletters or ask your riding buddies.

Step 3 - Enter the Contest

     Complete as much of the hunt as you can, taking photos along the way.

     CLEARLY PRINT your name and HOG number at the top of the form.

     Submit your entry form and photos no later than 10/14/2020.

     Photos should be on CDs or flash drives.

     Entry forms and photos should be submitted to Tammy Danielson. Scoring - Points are earned in two ways.

     Submit the correct answers.

     Submit photos. 


     Prizes will be determined based on participation.

     Chances to win prizes will increase based upon the amount you participate.

     Participation does not mean full completion. Do as much as you can!!!

     Prizes will be awarded at the November meeting.

     Decisions of the judge(s) are final. 



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