2021 Scavenger Hunt

14th Annual Des Moines HOG Scavenger Hunt

All Des Moines HOG Chapter members are eligible to participate regardless if you drive or passenger.  Each person must submit a separate entry form and photos.

Step 1 – Match Each Town to the Correct Motto

Step 2 – Take Photo of the Town Sign with the Motto

  • Drive or ride to the town by the route of your choice.
  • Find the sign or mural with the designated motto
  • Take a photo which includes you and/or your bike, the side of the 2021 entry form showing the M&M biker dude and the sign.

Step 3 – Enter the Contest

  • Complete as much of the hunt as you can, taking photos along the way.
  • CLEARLY PRINT your name and HOG number at the top of the form.
  • Submit your entry form and photos no later than 10/13/2021.
  • Photos should be on CDs or flash drives.
  • Entry forms and photos should be submitted to Tammy Danielson.

Scoring – Points are earned in two ways

  • Submit the correct answers.
  • Submit photos.


  • Prizes will be determined based on participation.
  • Chances to win will increase based upon the amount you participate.
  • Participation does not mean full completion. Do as much as you can!!!
  • Prizes will be awarded at the November meeting.
  • Decisions of the judge(s) are final.


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