2023 Scavenger Hunt (Coming Soon!)

16th Annual H.O.G. Chapter Scavenger Hunt (Coming Soon for 2023!)

All Des Moines H.O.G. Chapter members are eligible to participate regardless of being the driver or the passenger.  A bike does not have to be in the photo.  Each member must complete a separate entry and photos.

Step 1 – Take Your Photo  

  • Drive or ride to the town by the route of your choice.
  • Take a photo.

Step 2 – Enter The Contest

  • Complete as much of the hunt as you can, taking photos along the way.
  • CLEARLY PRINT your name and HOG number at the top of the form.
  • Submit your entry form and photos no later than 10/11/2023.
  • Photos should be on CDs or flash drives.
  • Entry forms and photos should be submitted to Tammy Danielson.

Prizes - TBD

  • Prizes will be awarded at the November meeting.

Decisions of the judge(s) are final.